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Claim Jumper, Brea


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Sunday night dinner ranges from the usual Chinese take out to sitting down for a meal at a chain restaurant. The other night, the entire family convened at the Claim Jumper in Brea because Buca di Beppo was packed. There are a few reasons why I like CJ:

1) Lots of (good) food.
2) Extremely kid-friendly. They have special placemats for little tykes, as well as a complimentary plate comprised of turkey roll, cheese, applesauce, crackers and oranges. That, in my opinion, is excellent service.
3) Wide selection of appetizers, drinks and entrees.
4) Lots of (good) food, and leftovers for days.

I ordered the Prime Rib Dinner, served with roasted vegetables, a choice of one side (I chose potato pancakes), and bread (I chose the apple cinnamon muffin). The prime rib was cooked the way I liked it, roasted vegetables were seasoned well, and the potato pancakes were nice and crisp. The one thing I didn’t like about the sauce on the potatoes was the bits of raw onion. It would have been so much better without the onion Also, the creamy horseradish that was served with the meat tasted more like sour cream than horseradish, and the au jus was a little on the salty side. It was still good, though. The star of the show, though, was the apple cinnamon muffin, moist and crumbly, and simply divine with butter.

With bellies stuffed, we proceeded to take home an enormous amount of food, with a piece of the Motherlode cake to boot. Service was great; our server took care of us well, and was attentive to the table’s needs. I haven’t had a bad experience with Claim Jumper’s food, either at the restaurant or with the leftovers at home (I had some of my husband’s beef ribs, pictured below. They were yummy, and I felt guilty for eating them).
Claim Jumper, 190 S. State College Boulevard, Brea


You should feel very guilty for eating my meat!