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El Tepeyac Hacienda, Chino Hills


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An East LA landmark has found its way into Chino Hills. El Tepeyac, also known as Manuel's to its loyal patrons, opened a new location in Chino Hills very recently. Okay, maybe it isn't exactly a new branch, but it is very similar to the original Manuel's. It turns out that the Chino Hills location is owned by Manuel's godson, but that is the only relationship between the two restaurants.

Upon arrival to El Tepeyac, we were immediately seated and given chips and salsa. The chips seemed to be stale, and the salsa is definitely not for the weak of heart. It was flavorful, but it seemed that its spiciness completely overpowered the flavors.

I ordered the Hollenbeck special, which is a gianormous chile verde burrito with rice, beans, and guacamole. It is topped with more chile verde, and then sprinkled with lots of cheddar cheese, and put under the heat for the cheese to melt. Again, not something for the weak of heart. I love spicy food, so much so that the husband thinks I've burned off all my tastebuds, but I am finding that I'm becoming less tolerant of heat in my old age. Although the chunks of meat were tender and flavorful, the spiciness overpowered all the great flavors of the burrito. One other thing, make sure you're very hungry when you order this, and any of their burrito specials.

I've been here a couple times since, I've found the food to be mediocre at best, and service to be rather slow.

El Tepeyac Hacienda, 4200 Chino Hills Parkway, Chino Hills