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Chung Ki Wa, Koreatown, Los Angeles


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For my good friend's birthday dinner, she chose Korean BBQ, something I haven't had in a long time. Based on her aunt's recommendation, we went to Chung Ki Wa, located in Koreatown. Let me tell you now that I am remiss in taking photos of the feast, and I am sorry to say that I can only say very little about the food we ate because it has been a couple of months. I can tell you, however, that it was good. I guess it only merits another visit for "research" purposes.

As it is a restaurant that proudly features Angus beef (seen on their logo), we ordered the beef kalbi, which are marinated short ribs. Prior to the server cooking the meat, we were treated to ban chan, which are a lot of small dishes comprised of different ingredients (I know, very specific, huh?). What was most memorable to me was the marinated bean sprouts, only because I like the sesame oil that was included in the marinade. But I digress, back to the kalbi. The beef kalbi was cooked in front of us, along with some onions and mushrooms. It tasted so good, the meat was tender and was perfect with rice. It was also perfect with the rice noodle sheets they provide as a wrapper with some of the ban chan items and the sauces.

We also ordered bulgogi and a chicken bibimbap, but I don't have pictures of them. All I can say that it was awesome, and here is what we made with the leftover marinade and items. It was good too.
I promise not to be so vague next time, but if you're ever in the mood for good, authentic Korean BBQ, Chung Ki Wa will not disappoint.

Chung Ki Wa, 3545 W. Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles