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Beard Papa's, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles


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A week ago, we braved the California sunshine and went on a short walk to Beard Papa's, located in Little Tokyo. I've heard good things about BP's, a franchise that specializes in cream puffs. That's right, a store whose main product is a cream puff. I had to see and taste for myself.

One would think that it would be extremely simple to order, since it's just cream puffs, right? Nope. It actually took me a couple of minutes to decide, not on what to order, but how many to order. I finally settled on 3 chocolate cream puffs and 3 original cream puffs. The attendant proceeded to take each puff and fill it with fresh cream, and after that, she dusted with with powdered sugar. It's actually pretty cool to watch.

When we got back to the office, I couldn't wait to sample one. I wish I had taken a photo of the vanilla puff, but I was overcome with anticipation, and ate it before even thinking about anything else. The pastry was fresh, crunchy on the outside and flaky moist on the inside. It went perfectly with the smooth, sweet cream. Simply said, it was an awesome combination. Pictured below is the chocolate puff, which was tasty good as well, but I preferred the original puff.
There are many Beard Papa's located throughout the San Gabriel Valley, and I would highly recommend visiting one.