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Ajisen Ramen, Rowland Heights


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Since I've been craving ramen for a while, the whole fam trekked over to Ajisen Ramen, located in a small strip mall in the heart of Rowland Heights. The restaurant is small and unassuming, and also pretty clean. We were seated immediately and proceeded to look over the menu.

After a few minutes of deep contemplation, I chose the Premium Pork Ramen with no scallions and an extra egg. I was served with a piping hot bowl of good, chewy noodles, and thin slices of yummy marinated pork swimming in a rich broth. Although it was no Daikokuya, I was pretty impressed with this bowl of ramen. In fact, I prefer it over other ramen bowls I've had.

The hubbs ordered the Ajisen Ramen, which included two slices of pork, a handful of fresh cabbage, seaweed and the same noodles in the broth. He really liked it too, and also prefers it over most ramen bowls.

We also ordered the gyoza dumplings, which contained a little too much vegetable and not enough pork for me, but it was still made well. Taste is comparable to all the other gyozas; there wasn't anything truly outstanding about it.

We ordered the Japanese Style Fried Rice for the boys, who devoured pretty much the entire thing. We took no leftovers home. Again, too much veggies in it for me. I was also surprised by the addition of the cucumber in the fried rice, it was something I have never had before, and probably something I wouldn't really try again.

Overall, Ajisen is a good place to go to for ramen. I'd definitely go back there, I'd also even risk driving through all that crazy traffic to get there.

Ajisen Ramen, 18253 E. Colima Road, Rowland Heights
(626) 839-2188


During my world travels, Japan was one of my stops, where I was introduced to ramen served in the traditional style. Their ramen was always served in a clear broth, with a simple compliment of veggies and just a single piece of beef. And you were expected to loudly slurp the hot soup immediately, (Something that is missing here in America)!
Obviously...the Americanized whitewashing of a traditionally simple and genuinely Japanese soup has taken its toll...again.