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Delilah Bakery via Lot 44


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First, let me explain the title. I try to frequent Lot 44 Coffee in Downtown LA as often as I can, because I really like their lattes. They used to offer cupcakes from Blue Cupcakes, which had really great cupcakes, the red velvet was my favorite. However, they recently changed vendors, and are now ordering their cupcakes from Delilah Bakery in Echo Park.

So on one of my visits to Lot 44, we saw that a new batch of freshly delivered cupcakes, and asked what flavors were available. The barista said something about Jack Daniels Chocolate Orange Cupcake, which immediately piqued my curiosity. In keeping with my pseudo resolution, I ordered one to sample.

Let me break the cupcake down: chocolate cupcake, which was a little on the dry side, topped with cream cheese frosting with a hint of that good 'ol Jack, and I would venture either maybe orange zest or orange liquer. First of all, the frosting was sweet enough to send anyone into a diabetic coma, and although I am usually a fan of the chocolate-orange flavor profile, this combination was sadly lacking. I also didn't really appreciate the whiskey flavor in the background, to me, it seemed like it detracted more than it complemented.

The other thing was, and I can't really be too sure of this because it has been a while, but I could have sworn that there were little chocolate chips in the cake itself. That, to me, is a cardinal sin, because cakes should never have anything in the batter, except for the batter. Plus, I'm not a fan of chocolate chips being in anything other than chocolate chip cookies. But, that is another debate/heated discussion altogether.

My final verdict? That cupcake was blah. However, it will not stop me from giving Delilah's Bakery another try.