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Phoenix Food Boutique, Redux


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BFF accompanied me on a another one of my trips to Phoenix Food Boutique, this time, in Arcadia. This branch is located in a strip mall, next to the famous Din Tai Fung Dumpling House. Parking is very hard to come by during the rush dining hours, so it's always best to come earlier.

For starters, I got the Taro Coconut Milk Tapioca because it just seemed like it would be a nice refreshing drink. It was, but it didn't really have enough of the coconut milk flavor I was looking for. I think I preferred the Rowland Heights version.

Since I loved the Crispy Shrimp Roll from the last trip, I had to get some more. These certainly made my taste buds and belly happy. The crispy wrapper fried to golden brown perfection and tender shrimp was perfect.

We also ordered Fried Squid with Spicy Salt. I liked the light batter on the squid, it was flavorful. However, I wish that the squid pieces weren't so big. They weren't bite-sized at all, and it made enjoying them just a little more difficult. The photo below shows how big each individual piece is, as well as a cameo of BFF's chopsticks (for artistic purposes - there were several napkins under the plate to show more "angle.").

Rounding out the meal was an order of Village Style Stir Fried Vermicelli, which includes shrimp, shredded BBQ pork, bean sprouts and egg. I personally thought it was tasty, especially when accompanied with a little chili oil. BFF's chopsticks make another cameo appearance, while BFF waits patiently in the background for me to snap the photo.

My biggest disappointment with the Arcadia branch that day was the fact that they did not have Milk and Egg Pudding. Curses! I had to settle for Taro Pudding for dessert, and while it has its own merits, it was no Milk and Egg Pudding. I just hope that they haven't stopped making it. Many thanks to BFF for agreeing to be a patient and accommodating guest star... that, and lunch.

Phoenix Food Boutique, 1108 S. Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia


That third pic is very scary!