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Pacific Dining Car, Los Angeles


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Every year, my boss takes us to the Pacific Dining Car to celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day. Pacific Dining Car opened its doors to the public in 1921, and has been serving great steaks since. The restaurant was originally a replica of a dining car, but has expanded to accommodate the growing number of diners. It is one of many Los Angeles restaurants open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pacific Dining Car serves breakfast all day, which is great for a breakfast lover like me. I've tried the French toast there, which are thick slices of brioche served with diner's choice of sausage or bacon. There isn't anything particularly anything that sets the French Toast from others I've tried, but it is still very good. If you choose the sausage, be prepared to eat one of the biggest sausage patties ever. It tastes good as well, the combination of spices with the meat was great.

This time though, I ordered the Creole Benedict, which are poached eggs atop crab cakes and sauteed mushrooms on top of English muffins and served with a Creole hollandaise sauce. It also comes with potatoes lyonnaise and choice of muffins or toast. Pacific Dining Car does a terrific job of combining some of my favorite things in the world: eggs, crab and mushrooms. The eggs were cooked perfectly, crab cakes were moist (and these are jumbo lump crab meat, too), the mushrooms were sauteed to perfection, and the sauce was flavorful and not too spicy. The potatoes that accompanied my order were also very good, seasoned well, but maybe just a wee bit undercooked. It has become the breakfast item of choice for me.

When you go for breakfast, make sure to order a glass of their fresh squeezed orange juice. One of the best around, trust me.

Pacific Dining Car, 1310 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles


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