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Origami Bistro Bar, Downtown Los Angeles


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I took a friend out to lunch for his birthday today, and we decided to try Origami Bistro Bar, located in Downtown LA, and in between both our buildings. Another friend of mine actually recommended this place for lunch because the bento boxes were good and reasonably priced.

So bento box it was, a chicken teriyaki and tempura box. It came with a bowl of miso soup, green salad, rice, and three pieces of California Roll. It's probably best to break down the entire meal and describe each component separately, so here goes:

The miso soup was nothing spectacular; it was warm, not hot. It contained one or two pieces of tofu and some seaweed. The green salad was served in the box, and had some cucumber slices in it, which I was not accustomed to.  Upon tasting it, though, it became clear that it would not be my favorite part of the dish. The dressing was too sweet and watery, there was not enough ginger flavor that would make one think of Japanese salad dressing. Also, the cucumber proved to add to the salad's weakness by overpowering the already watery dressing. The chicken looked a little unappetizing at first because it was flat pieces of bland chicken with some sauce on top. The teriyaki sauce itself was a little grainy, but tasted decent. It probably could have used a little more soy sauce. I don't usually eat California rolls, or sushi, for that matter. I don't like the taste of seaweed, it has never appealed to me, so I don't ever bother. For unknown reasons, I decided to live on the edge and try a piece of sushi. So I set up the dipping sauce, added wasabi and soy sauce, then mixed them together, then dipped my sushi into it. I was pleasantly surprised by the seaweed flavor, it was not overpowering the imitation crab meat or the avocado. I'm not saying that I'm a sushi convert, but I won't be so against it next time. The tempura, in my opinion, was probably the best part of the dish, although there was slightly too much batter. It was still good, though.

Origami Bistro Bar, 257 S. Spring Street, Downtown Los Angeles