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House of Pies, Los Angeles


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House of Pies is located on Vermont Avenue in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. It is similar to Coco’s, in that it is a restaurant that is known for its pies as opposed to everything else it serves. My coworkers have always bought pies there for special occasions, and boy, are they good (the pies, I mean). I’ve always had the Strawberry with Cream Cheese pie… while it is an awesome piece of pie, I must admit that it will contribute, if not, cause adult diabetes. I would recommend getting this pie during strawberry season, though, as the strawberries do taste better.

This time, we visited House of Pies in November to buy some pies for a potluck. Since it was Thanksgiving season, we purchased a pumpkin pie, a Dutch apple pie, and the usual Strawberry Cream Cheese pie. The total cost was about $38, which translates to $11-12 per pie, plus tax. Seems kind of pricey, but well worth it.

I must preface my review and say that I have never had pumpkin pie before – I have never even wanted to try pumpkin anything before 2008. But after trying a pumpkin mousse tart recipe, I decided that pumpkin didn’t taste terrible, and again, it was Thanksgiving, after all. So after a bite of the pumpkin pie, I was hooked forever. Out of the three we purchased, it was the best one because it wasn’t too sweet, and it was the perfect complement to a great meal. The crust was perfect, cooked to golden brown. The filling was creamy and flavorful, with a good consistency.

Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the other two pies, primarily because I forgot. I was way too focused on the pumpkin pie. The only thing I do remember about the other pies was the fact that they were yummy as well, just not as good as the pumpkin!

House of Pies
1869 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, California