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Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant, San Gabriel


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Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant is well known for their Newport Special Lobster. They currently have two locations, one in Rowland Heights, and the main location in San Gabriel. The restaurant is essentially a Chinese seafood restaurant that is heavily influence by Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai cuisines. My tip of the day would be to go there early; it fills up quick. Oh yeah, and if ordering the lobster, bring money. A substantial amount of money.

 Clams with Black Bean Sauce

 Sauteed Pea Sprout

 Newport Special Lobster - worth the trip and if you get there during the rush, it's also worth the wait.

 Yang Chow Fried Rice

 Kung Pao Chicken

Steamed Whole Fish - I think it's tilapia

Newport Tan Cang Seafood Restaurant, 518 W. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel