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Flying Pig Cafe, Little Tokyo


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The Flying Pig Cafe opened its doors in Summer 2011, to much anticipation from food truck followers. The Flying Pig Truck currently has a successful run serving pan-Asian fusion food to pork lovers. We visited the restaurant in Little Tokyo within the first two weeks of its grand opening.

 Kakuni - pork belly on brown rice. It has similar flavors to Filipino pork adobo. I thought the pork could be more tender, but otherwise, it was an "okay" dish. Definitely overpriced, though.

Duruchigi - marinated spicy pork with brown rice, served in a skillet. I thought this dish was definitely more flavorful than the Kakuni, and certainly packs more punch.

I really love the Flying Pig Truck - the pork belly bun is awesome, practically to die for. But I find the new restaurant a little lacking, with super loud music, small portions and high bills. I'm hoping that as time goes by, the restaurant would find more balance. 

Flying Pig Cafe, 141 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles