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Dahlia Lounge, Seattle


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Lunch brought us Dahlia Lounge, owned by Seattle's celebrity chef, Tom Douglas. We were excited for two reasons: the opportunity to enjoy food at one of his restaurants, and second, crab cake.

Tom's Tomato Soup, served with brown butter croutons. A little bland, not enough salt. The croutons were deelish, though.

Stiebrs Farms cage-free eggs any style (scrambled, as you can see), served with biscuit, parmesan potatoes, and house sausage. Arguably one of the best breakfast plates I've ever had. The biscuit and the sausage were excellent.

The pièce de résistance, also known as Dungeness crab cakes, served with watercress salad, grilled asparagus, and hollandaise. Meaty, fresh, lump Dungeness crab was deservedly the star of the dish, and everything else served simply as background. The salad dressing was way too acidic.