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Mix N' Munch, South Pasadena


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A very good friend of mine, who is basically a younger brother to me, took me to Mix N' Munch, a cereal and grilled cheese cafe located in South Pasadena. He was quite secretive about it at first, refusing to dish out any hints other than, "it makes you feel like a kid again." So when I first saw the sign, I immediately felt giddy about grilled cheese sammies.

They have a gianormous menu, with over 25 cereal brands to choose from...and you can mix them up! Does that NOT make you feel like a kid?! They also serve custom made grilled cheese sandwiches, so as you can see, if you come in not knowing what you want, it can feel quite overwhelming. They have several types of bread, as well as many kinds of cheeses and add-ons, so the math nerd in me immediately thought of permutations and combinations...until I saw that they also serve...(drum roll, please)...tater tots!

Ultimately, I ordered the Mix n Munch Cristo, which comes with Gruyere cheese, turkey and ham on egg bread french toast. Each bite was cheesy and savory, the saltiness from the turkey and the ham was a great contrast to the slight sweetness from the custard. However, I think that the bread may have been a little too soggy.

I also ordered a cup of tomato soup, which was a great disappointment to me, because I love tomato soup. It tasted really bland - it wasn't seasoned well at all. However, the tater tots more than made up for the soup's inadequacies. The potatoes were crunchy, and seasoned well. It was the perfect potato bite.

The next visit definitely calls for a good ol' bowl of cereal and milk. I love this place - they serve comfort food that take you back to happy childhood memories. Did I mention that they also play cartoons? I would definitely recommend this cafe for kids and for the kid in you!

Mix N Munch, 1005 Mission Street, Unit A, South Pasadena, California