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8 oz. Burger Bar, Hollywood


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For my birthday meal, we went to 8 oz. Burger Bar in West Hollywood. Owned by famous celebrity chef Govind Armstrong, it sits on Melrose Avenue amidst busy boutiques and restaurants. 8 oz. Burger Bar features high quality burgers and other food fare.
Started off with Mini Kobe Corndogs served with purple mustard. The batter was crispy, hot dogs savory and delectable.

I chose the 8 oz. Burger, because, after all, it is called 8 oz. Burger Bar. It is usually served with iceberg lettuce, house made pickles, tomato, onion and special sauce. I customized it by nixing the tomato, pickle and onion, and by adding gruyere cheese, roasted mushrooms, a fried egg and some mayonnaise. Let me say, it was impossible to pick up and eat because it was so juicy, the bread sopped it up and became soggy. I did not mind one bit; the beef was seasoned well, each bite felt like being in burger heaven. Don't even get me started on the runny egg yolk...

Also ordered some sides, including Brussel Sprouts with Bacon... c'mon, y'all know I love the brussel sprout. I thought that the sprouts were cooked well, very tasty. However, (and I never thought I'd ever say this), there was too much bacon in the dish. Still great, though, as I ate the whole thing by myself.

We also got some Stout Battered Onion Rings and Kennebec Fries, standard burger accompaniments. I thought that these were just okay, seasoned well, although they were nothing to really write home about. Maybe an honorable mention?

The final side dish of choice was the Chorizo Mac and Cheese. It was pretty good; the mild cheese flavors were a good complement to the more robust flavors from the chorizo. Overall a solid dish.

As an added bonus, I ordered the Pumpkin Gingerbread Milkshake, which contained pumpkin puree and pieces of fresh gingerbread throughout. I really liked it at first, but the more I consumed, the less I liked it. I don't think I really appreciated the gingerbread chunks in the shake. Perhaps the purist in me demands a smooth milkshake.

Great place to get a good burger, however, you have to be willing to shell out a couple extra bucks. Hey, quality ain't cheap. Looking forward to trying it again.

8 oz. Burger Bar, 7661 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles