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Longboard's Ice Cream


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After lunch at Starry Kitchen, we headed over to the Longboards Ice Cream truck that was parked conveniently outside on Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. The guys from Longboards were also at the LA Street Food Festival, so we definitely wanted to give them another try.

If the other ice cream flavors were as good as the Cookies and Cream ice cream at the Food Festival, then we were definitely in for a treat. I got the Strawberry Ice Cream with a healthy dose of caramel, dipped in chocolate and topped with peanuts. It tasted like everything a strawberry ice cream bar with caramel, chocolate and peanuts should. The only complaint I have isn't even against Longboards; it was so hot that it melted too fast!

Longboards Ice Cream, http://www.longboardsicecream.com/