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Ten Ren's Tea Time, Arcadia


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BFF and I went on another eating excursion, this time to Ten Ren's Tea Time in Arcadia. I love this place because it sells the best boba drinks in my opinion, plus it also sells spicy, fried mushrooms.

Alas, this specific trip does not have any fried mushrooms, but we did have some Salt and Pepper Chicken Nuggets, which are chicken pieces that are breaded, fried and seasoned with salt, pepper, and some spices, one of which I will venture to say is cayenne pepper. I've always liked this dish as a snack/appetizer, but I wouldn't really recommend it as an entree.

BFF ordered the Wonton Noodle Soup, which are ground pork, maybe a little shrimp, inside a very thick wonton wrapper and cooked in broth with noodles and Chinese greens. I must say that although I liked the broth's flavor, I wish that the wonton wrappers weren't so darn thick. The thin noodles were not quite al dente, but still had a nice bite to it.

I ordered the Minced Pork with Rice. It comes with the soup of the day, and two small side dishes. The soup, which had some nori and egg, was a little bland, which is typical of the soups for the day. One of the side dishes, a vegetable and tofu concoction, had firm tofu cooked with celery and carrot, which was just ok. The other dish had marinated bean sprouts cooked with julienned carrot, which was also just ok, although I preferred it over the celery dish. The highlight of the meal was the minced pork, which is almost stew-like, and full of flavor. Steamed rice was the perfect complement.
Overall, Ten Ren's Tea Time is great for a quick, sit down Chinese meal. It also caters well to the "To Go" crowd, and for those who want to get boba drinks and hang out. If you are the latter, I would highly recommend the iced coffee with boba - it is excellent.