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Birthday Cupcakes


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For my little guy's birthday party, I decided to add an extra special touch by baking cupcakes for his shindig. If you know me well, you would know that I hate food that comes from a box, and feel strongly about foods being made from scratch. I wish I could say that I pulled out all the stops, dressed to the nines, well, you get the picture. However, these are the typical Betty Crocker mixes with the typical Betty Crocker frosting.

I know that it is not that much harder to bake cupcakes from scratch, just a few extra steps. But I was working against the clock, and quite frankly, it was more cost effective to use the box. That said, simply follow the directions to bake the cupcakes. For the frosting, I used the stuff from the jar. The extra special touch came from food coloring - just add enough to get the desired color, then put it in a pastry bag with your desired tip, and frost. Add some sprinkles for a more fun look. I also made some with blue and green frosting, but forgot to take the picture.