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Rocket Pizza Lounge, Downtown LA


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We were in a hot dog state of mind, and wanted to go to Tony n Pete's for lunch today, but alas, they were closed (they don't open until noon). Instead, we settled for Rocket Pizza Lounge, located about two doors down on 4th Street.

I got the Eggplant Parmesan, which is served with garlic bread. I liked the eggplant, it wasn't overly soft and had a little bite to it. I also liked the mozzarella on top, nice and gooey as a mozzarella should be, plus the tomato sauce was pleasant as well. The garlic bread was quite tasty; there was a thin layer of cheese on top, and that made it, in my book.

A good place to go to for lunch if you work in Downtown LA, although I doubt many of the patrons were working, as they were ordering beer by the pitcher.

Rocket Pizza Lounge, 122 West 4th Street, Los Angeles