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Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea, Silver Lake


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Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea in Silver Lake is the home of the 2008 United States Barista Champion (USBC), Kyle Glanville. It's located at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Sanborn Avenue in Los Angeles.

My husband is a coffee geek so whenever he hears of great coffee houses in the area, we make it a point to visit. Actually, I think I brought up Intelligentsia because I was following the results of the USBC. So when I mentioned it, he lit up like a Christmas tree and we made plans to go. Our first trip there was last Saturday, and I think we've been there a couple times since. Now, let me say that it's not an easy trip. Street parking is next to impossible, and the Sunset Junction parking lot is very difficult to get into (and out of), plus it is almost always busy there. So allow for extra time if you're planning a trip there.

The first two times we were there we ordered an Americano and a decaf latte, in both cold and hot versions. According to the barista, they use the Black Cat espresso for both caffeinated and decaf beverages. I actually prefer the hot latte, but mainly because of the foam and the latte art. It tasted sweet, the foam was yummy, and there was no hint of bitterness to the coffee at all (it means that the drink was prepared correctly). According to Intelligentsia's website, you can taste a hint of baker's chocolate that lingers on the tongue, which I actually do. Here are a couple of pictures of my drink:


Unfortunately the latte art was a little sloppy on the pic. Doesn't affect taste, but it did presentation. The barista saw me snapping the pictures and actually told me to take a picture of the next drink instead, which was a mocha. But I was a little apprehensive since it was a stranger's drink. It was a very nice rosetta with a heart on top though. Maybe next time it'll be a nice one on our drink. They were very busy at the time so I guess he was rushing.

Haha, it's because we're Asian! Just kidding. LOL