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For our anniversary last year, we both wanted to indulge in our appreciation for cows. Ok, not so much cows, but steak. Having been to Ruth's Chris, Lawry's and the like, we decided to try BLT Steak out in West Hollywood. It's located in the Le Dome space on the ever-so-busy Sunset Boulevard, so allow yourself plenty of time to get there before your reservation time. We got there super early, so we took advantage of their happy hour specials.

 SoCal Sangria: I don't know what's in this, but I will say two things about it: one, it has club soda or sparkling water in it, because it was fizzy. Two, it's the best sangria I've ever had.

 Cast Iron Black Mussels: Black mussels with chorizo, roasted tomato and served with bruschetta. I was not a fan of mussels...until I tried these. Now, I consider myself a mussel snob of sorts.

 Short Rib Grilled Cheese: another item on the happy hour menu, this delectable treat was cheesy, crunchy and beefy all in one bite.

So now we 're shown to our seats, and before we even have time to digest the mussels and the grilled cheese sammy, we have to unbuckle our belts to make room for the rest of the feast:

 Chicken pate served with bread. I am not into liver, so I only tasted it enough to report that it tastes like, well, liver.

 BLT Popovers: Served hot and fresh. The popovers alone are worth the trip. Crunchy on the outside, flaky and buttery on the inside. They also give out the recipe, though I doubt that I can replicate that piece of perfection.

 Rib Eye (Bone in): Cooked to medium perfection, served with roasted bone marrow and roasted garlic. Even in the midst of a food coma, I can tell that the meat was cooked perfectly, although just slightly underseasoned. The bone marrow was so good, words can't describe it.

 Hangar steak: cooked medium, and it was almost just as good as my ribeye.

 Parmesan Gnocchi: served with tomato sauce and topped with a generous portion of Parmesan cheese. Pillowy potato dough swimming in a savory tomato pool.

 Creamed Spinach: served with caramelized minced garlic. No steakhouse experience is complete without these leafy greens. Cooking it in cream just kicks it up a notch...or two.

 Our sweet finish to an epic meal.