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Avocado House, Chino


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The Avocado House is can be considered a hidden gem in the city of Chino. Although it is located on one of the city's busiest streets, it is easy to pass right by it unnoticed. They are also not open for dinner; just breakfast and lunch.

However, the first time I went there was for dinner...Thanksgiving dinner, that is. It was outstanding; the only disappointment was the fact that I forgot my camera. Bad food blogger.

Boogs and I came here for lunch on a whim, and this time, I remembered to snap some photos of the food.

 The Craving: beef tri-tip with cream cheese, grilled onions and peppers, and monterey jack cheese on sourdough bread, and served with a side of fresh fruit. This was Boogs's selection; it was delish. Who knew that cream cheese and beef could go together so well?

 Thanksgiving: sliced turkey, cream cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise on cranberry walnut bread. Served with a side of fresh fruit, a ginger snap cookie and lemon bar. This sandwich is ah-mazing! It really does taste like Thanksgiving on a sandwich.

Bread Pudding: Served warm and topped with whipped cream. We both liked it, because there weren't any raisins, but it kind of felt anticlimactic.

Avocado House - 11618 Central Avenue, Chino