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My first decent pound of coffee beans from Seattle (notice I said decent coffee, ahem, Starbucks and company) was from Zoka. So naturally, Zoka was on the Seattle itinerary. There are several coffeehouses in the Seattle area with inviting atmospheres. We visited the Greenlake location, which is relatively close to Woodland Park Zoo.
Zoka offers freshly roasted coffee beans of either special blends or single origin. Each package notes the roast date, so you know it's fresh.
I ordered a latte, my coffee beverage of choice while in Seattle for two reasons: a) what's not to like about a latte? and b) the latte art. Zoka's latte, unfortunately, was a little on the bitter side, which was most likely due to the water being too hot. Other than that, it was good enough to rank third best latte I've ever had (The best being Espresso Vivace, second being Intelligentsia).

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