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Curry House, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles


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The Curry House is located in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles, behind the Kyoto Grand Hotel. It is actually one of several Curry Houses located throughout Southern California. It's best to go before noon as the place fills up quickly due to its popularity.

So, on to the food. Curry House serves Japanese-style curry, obviously, but it also serves Western dishes such as spaghetti (in various versions). When my husband goes, he almost always orders the Curry Rice Set, which includes a choice of beef, chicken or vegetable curry, two pieces of fried shrimp, corn potage and a salad. It's a nice, well-rounded meal for a good price. For those seeking heartier portions, they can order the curry, which is served with white rice.
On the day that we went, someone's dish caught my eye because it had a boiled egg sitting on top of the the dish. Being a sucker for boiled eggs, I quickly scanned the menu and found out that it was the Keema curry, which is ground beef, potatoes, carrots, onions and shimeji mushrooms in their signature curry sauce, served with steamed rice and a hard boiled egg to boot. Once I had a mouthful, I knew I found a new favorite. It's even better with a splash (or two) or hot curry oil.

Another favorite dish of ours is the Hamburger curry, a well-portioned loaf of hamburger meat that has a slight crunch on the outside (I think it might be fried), but juicy on the inside. It’s served with your choice of rice or pasta, curry sauce and a salad.


Where's the picture? So is this going to be your Hula for the Curry House?