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to Stephanie Izard, the first female winner of Top Chef! She beat out 14 other cheftestants, including Richard Blais, the favorite to win the season. The season finale was one of the episodes where I thought that the judges actually did the right thing (I refuse to further discuss the other person even finishing so close to the top. She is an ugly person, inside and out.).

Overall, I thought Stephanie's food looked like the most rounded set of dishes and would be the one that I would like to try. They just seemed to flow much better and had much more focus, which is reminiscent of Harold's finale dishes. Richard, on the other hand, I thought was unfocused. Like Colicchio said, his strength became his Achilles heel. I think that he wanted to come out and really impress the judges with his skills, but had way too many ideas bouncing in his head. That's why I think some of his dishes missed, although I would try the bacon ice cream, just to say that I've had it.